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accompany the greening of the rail

As batteries play a dominant role in the operation of the new hybrid energy trains, Forsee Power offers the most comprehensive choice of batteries to combine with many different energy sources, including electric catenaries, diesel and hydrogen.

Batteries’ benefits are not solely ecological, but also highly economic and related to passengers’ and maintenance operators’ comfort.

  • Vehicle type

  • Passenger train
  • Goods transport train
  • Shunting loco
  • Maintenance train
  • Rail Automated Guided Vehicle
  • Metro
  • Tramway
  • Operating mode

  • Full electric
  • – Batteries only
  • – Catenary + batteries
  • Fuel cell hybrid
  • Diesel hybrid

Low-carbon European rail: solutions, opportunities and challenges

Download the study carried out by E-CUBE, the strategy consulting firm dedicated to energy, mobility and climate issues

In 2021, the European Union set a legal target to reduce GHG emissions by 55% (compared to 1990) and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. All sectors of the economy are contributing to this decarbonization effort, including the transportation sector.

Since rail is already the most low-carbon mode of transport in Europe, its development for both passenger and freight is particularly critical to decarbonize the economy. However, some railway applications such as shunting locomotives, regional trains or freight trains still largely rely on diesel.

Several low-carbon technologies can replace diesel for these applications. In this paper, we assess and compare the potential of these solutions based on interviews with more than 20 players of the railway market in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

SCALABLE and MODULAR solutions for rail vehicles


2.5 kWh high-power extra-slim module for fast-charging option.


15 kWh high-power battery pack for fast-charging option.


7 kWh energy & power battery module for overnight or opportunity charging option.


On-board auxiliary power converter for energy conversion


On-board ultra high-power scalable battery systems for braking energy recovery & line stabilization


On-board ultra high-power scalable battery system  for catenary free operations


Wayside energy storage system from 1 to 4 kWh for braking energy recovery & line stabilization


Scalable wayside ultra-fast charging station with battery systems for catenary-free operations



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