Portable and swappable batteries for light vehicles

Swappable batteries play an essential role in the electric mobility of scooters and other light two- and three-wheeled vehicles. With the growing popularity of electric means of transport, reliable, high-performance batteries are essential to ensure a hassle-free driving experience.

GO batteries for light electric vehicles (scooters, three-wheelers...) are essentially removable. This makes it easy for the end-user to transport the GO battery and charge it from a standard socket using the Forsee Power GO charger.

This great maneuverability also enables end-users to hot-swap their batteries, so that they always have a fully-charged battery and can extend the vehicle’s range during the day.

To meet the needs of the widest possible range of applications and uses, Forsee Power’s teams have developed an Energy version and a Power version incorporating NMC cells.


GO 1.6 Energy

GO 1.6 Power

Swappable batteries to extend autonomy…

…and for easy loading

Swappable batteries offer a practical solution for owners of electric scooters and light two- and three-wheel vehicles. They extend your vehicle’s range by providing an additional source of power when you’re on the move. These batteries are specially designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and install.

Whether you need to cover longer distances, or simply want to make sure you have enough power for your daily commute, swappable and portable batteries are a wise choice to optimise your electric driving experience.

Portable batteries for scooters and light two- and three-wheel vehicles are designed for easy recharging. They can be recharged from a standard electrical socket, offering great flexibility when it comes to recharging. You can plug them in at home, at the office or even in a café when you’re taking a break.

This versatility allows drivers to keep their batteries charged and ready for use, eliminating the worry of limited autonomy. Portable batteries are also ideal for long journeys, as they offer the possibility of quickly recharging your scooter or light vehicle on the road.

A backup power source

In addition to their convenience and ease of recharging, portable batteries also offer a back-up solution in the event of battery failure. If your electric scooter breaks down due to a flat battery, a portable battery can be used as a backup power source to get you home or to a closer recharging point.

This prevents you from being stranded on the road, and gives you extra peace of mind when you’re on the move. Portable batteries are therefore a wise investment for all riders of scooters and light two- and three-wheeled vehicles, offering a practical and reliable solution for optimizing range and electric mobility.

By using portable batteries for your scooter or light two- and three-wheeled vehicle, you can enjoy greater freedom and a carefree riding experience. Make sure you invest in quality portable batteries to guarantee optimum performance and long-term durability. Go for electric mobility with GO portable batteries from Forsee Power.