The ultra-high-power battery revolution for rail vehicles: towards a catenary-free future

The electrification of rail vehicles has become a global priority in the context of the energy transition towards more sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions. Ultra-high-power on-board lithium battery systems are at the forefront of this revolution, offering a promising solution for accelerating the transition from traditional diesel-powered trains to energy-efficient electric trains.

SPIKE Forsee Power’s ultra-high-power lithium on-board battery systems, integrated to date only in railway applications, are a reliable on-board power source for catenary-free operations and play a key role in the greening of the railway landscape.

SPIKE condensateur

Scalable battery systems for catenary-free operation

Ultra-fast 15-second charge

On-board battery systems play an essential role in catenary-free sections, enabling trains to operate autonomously without relying on an external power supply.

Forsee Power’s SPIKE rail ultra-high-power on-board battery systems provide locomotives with a considerable reserve of energy, which is stored during braking phases and used to power electric motors during acceleration, or to provide propulsion when the train is running on non-electrified sections.

Our SPIKE rail battery solutions feature SPIKE lithium ion supercacitor modules for ultra-fast charging.

This innovative technology guarantees seamless connectivity for rail networks, offering greater operational flexibility and opening up new possibilities for rail transport in geographical areas that are difficult to electrify or are in the process of being electrified. What’s more, these battery systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the overall environmental footprint of the rail sector, thus contributing to sustainable, environmentally-friendly mobility.

The charging time of SPIKE rail on-board battery systems for catenary-free sections is a crucial aspect. Trains equipped with batteries must be able to recharge their batteries quickly when running on electrified sections, in order to maintain sufficient autonomy for catenary-free sections.

Developed by our railway experts, our SPIKE rail solutions can be recharged in just 15 seconds, thanks to ultra-high-power technology that boosts train operating efficiency. This short charging time enables rail vehicles to spend more time running on electrified tracks, helping to maximize the use of electrical energy, reduce carbon emissions and improve the overall efficiency of the rail system.