128 mm only for smaller volumes

128 mm of pure technology: the ZEN 8 SLIM high energy density battery for ecological and sustainable mobility.

Ultra-modular and extremely versatile, the ZEN 8 SLIM solution is available in 48 V or 72 V, and can be adapted to many types of vehicle (construction, agricultural, industrial), whether 100% electric or hybrid.

Choose modernity and efficiency with the ZEN 8 SLIM battery.

One battery, several vehicles and an infinite number of possible integrations

A unique, very compact format, 48 V and 72 V variants that can be configured in series or parallel to adjust energy or voltage: Forsee Power’s ZEN 8 SLIM battery can be adapted to all types of vehicle, from the lightest to the heaviest. It’s the ideal solution for retrofitting thermal vehicles to electric ones!

Indeed, with their great modularity and versatility, Forsee Power’s ZEN 8 SLIM batteries offer a multitude of possible combinations, from 48 V / 8 kWh to 800 V / 760 kWh.

With a height of just 128 mm, you can stack them as you wish – vertically or horizontally – to reach even the most confined spaces. No wasted space and optimized integration!

Innovations and high-end performance

The ZEN 8 SLIM battery is an innovative, high-quality solution offering exceptional performance and autonomy. Designed by our experts in mechanical engineering, thermal engineering and electronics, it is undoubtedly one of the best performing solutions on the market.

At 252 Wh/L, the ZEN 8 SLIM solution incorporates the best high energy density NMC lithium ion cells, offering high performance and a full day’s autonomy.

Rechargeable to 100% in just 1 hour thanks to charge compatibility up to 1C, ZEN 8 SLIM is the ideal solution for applications requiring rapid partial or total recharging.

Our high-energy modular battery delivers long-lasting performance, with a service life of 5,000 cycles thanks to the integration of premium pocket lithium-ion cells. With a liquid thermal management system that maintains performance in all weather conditions, you can rest assured that your investment will offer a highly competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).

ZEN 8 SLIM 48 VZEN 8 SLIM 72 VZEN 8 SLIM pack 48V
TechnologyLithium NMCLithium NMCLithium NMC
Voltage45 V67 V45 V
Voltage rangeup to 800 Vup to 800 V48 V only
Energy7.9 kWh7.9 kWh7.9 kWh
Energy rangeup to 760 kWhup to 760 kWhup to 47.4 kWh
Energy density251 Wh/L251 Wh/L251 Wh/L
Thermal managementliquidliquidliquid
Protection classIP 67IP 67IP 67
Dimensions570 x 430 x 128,5 mm570 x 430 x 128,5 mm570 x 430 x 128,5 mm
Weight50 kg50 kg50 kg
OtherExternal power distribution unit (PDU) and modular solutionExternal power distribution unit (PDU) and modular solutionPack-integrated BMS: up to 6 packs in parallel, but no series connection possible