always more power!

With Forsee Power’s PULSE 15 battery pack, you’re ready to take up the challenge of 100% electric propulsion, on fast charge or hybrid. Drive several hundred kilometers in zero-emission mode to limit your impact on climate change.

On the roof or at the rear of the vehicle, the mechanically optimized PULSE 15 module can accommodate the same passenger capacity as 100% electric buses.

Our battery offers autonomy, power, life cycles and safety. Discover the benefits of PULSE 15 and start riding longer.

The high-power battery for hybrid and fast-charging vehicles 

With Forsee Power’s high-power PULSE 15 battery, you benefit from unrivalled peak power of 8.5 C (127 kW) and continuous power of 4.5 C (63 kW)! It’s essential for hybrid vehicles, providing the power the electric motor needs to accelerate and sustain punctual efforts.

It also enables you to recharge your vehicle in a matter of minutes several times a day when stationary, providing an additional source of energy for safer, more reliable driving. With the high-power PULSE 15 battery, you get a high-performance, reliable hybrid vehicle!


Extraordinary service life thanks to proven, high-performance liquid thermal management

With Forsee Power, accelerate and optimize your high-power battery charges safely and at no extra cost! Our liquid thermal management solution ensures optimum quality and reliability, and reduces your operating costs.

Thanks to innovative liquid thermal management technology, Forsee Power’s PULSE 15 batteries deliver optimum performance and long service life, while limiting premature cell ageing.

Take advantage of the exceptional 15-year service life of this high-power battery, and benefit from its cutting-edge performance and reliability.

When in operation, the high currents delivered by the high-power cells in the PULSE 15 solution emit heat. In order to limit thermal dispersion, and to cool or heat the cells evenly, Forsee Power has chosen to integrate the most efficient liquid thermal management to increase battery durability and reliability.

TechnologyLithium LTO
Voltage635 V
Energy14.6 kWh
Thermal managementliquid
Protection classIP 65
Dimensions1 720 x 445 x 330 mm
Weight260 kg