On-board battery packs for light vehicles

With the growing popularity of sustainable mobility, light electric vehicles are gaining in popularity as environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional vehicles. However, battery life and autonomy remain major concerns for potential users. This is where on-board batteries for light electric vehicles come in.

These integrated energy storage systems play an essential role in improving the performance, efficiency and safety of light electric vehicles.

Forsee Power’s GO batteries for three- and four-wheel light electric vehicles have been designed, developed and produced to meet these specific needs. They integrate Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology.

The advantages of on-board batteries

Innovative on-board solutions for greater autonomy

On-board batteries for light electric three- and four-wheel vehicles offer a number of significant advantages. One of the main advantages is their compactness and smart integration into the vehicle chassis. By being optimally integrated, these batteries reduce space-saving and visual overload, while providing a balanced weight distribution that enhances the vehicle’s stability and maneuverability. Users appreciate this ease of driving, especially in congested urban areas, where maneuverability is essential.

In addition, on-board batteries enable manufacturers to optimize vehicle interior space. This translates into a more spacious cabin for passengers and driver, enhancing driving comfort. In light three- and four-wheel vehicles, where space is already limited, this optimization of space is a key factor in making these vehicles more attractive to everyday users. As a result, on-board batteries help to create a pleasant and practical driving experience.

Range is one of the critical factors for three- and four-wheel light electric vehicles, as they are often used for short journeys in urban areas. On-board batteries have paved the way for innovative solutions to improve the range of these vehicles. For example, some on-board batteries are combined with kinetic energy recovery systems during braking, enabling the battery to be partially recharged while driving. In addition, research is focusing on the development of high-energy-density batteries that offer greater storage capacity without significantly increasing the size and weight of the battery pack.

At Forsee Power, we have chosen Lithium Iron Phosphate technology to power three- and four-wheel light electric vehicles.