Drive with peace of mind, we're with you after your battery purchase

At the heart of the energy transition, battery systems must meet the challenges of quality, performance and availability. With the Forsee Power Aftermarket offer, we are committed to providing our customers with an unprecedented 360 experience throughout the life of your vehicle, rigt from the start.

Aware that your satisfaction is the key to our development and your success, Forsee Power offers you additional guarantees – spare parts, advice, repairs and training – to maximize the availability of your vehicle fleet.

Aware of the importance of our system reliability and the service quality we provide to our customers to ensure the availability of their products and services, we decided to group together within Forsee Power Aftermarket all the functions required to service our products once they are in use. This means that we can handle the hotline, the administration of your requests, repairs on site or in our workshops, engineering support for your teams and proactive monitoring of the quality of our products within the same entity. 

We are committed to building a close relationship based on the trust and transparency required for a long-term partnership.

High-performance tools for a positive user experience

Covering all our market segments (buses, trucks, trains, light electric vehicles), our Forsee Power Aftermarket offer is based on 6 key skills for an agile and efficient approach. With Forsee Power Aftermarket, you can be sure that your vehicle is always state-of-the-art and operational.

Our team of certified experts will help you find solutions tailored to your needs and keep your vehicle in perfect working order. At Forsee Power we pride ourselves on providing superior services. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your vehicle.

Flying doctors

Agile, mobile and expert, our flying doctors work on our customers’ electric vehicles all over the world. They carry out software updates, and repair your batteries on site, using proven, high-performance tools developed by Forsee Power.

Repair centers

Our world-renowned repair centers are experts in diagnosing and repairing our equipment. They are based on tested and approved processes that guarantee optimum quality at every stage, in record time! We also offer you optimum storage for exchange parts, so that your vehicles can be put back on the road quickly.


Would you like to develop your skills and become certified? Our certification training program consists of 3 levels that are tailored to your department. Once we’ve identified your needs, we’ll organize training by videoconference, either in our factory or at your site.

The first level offers comprehensive training in system diagnosis and battery handling.
The second level enables you to carry out maintenance operations on our batteries, while the third level trains future trainers.


Our dedicated Aftermarket engineering focuses on supporting our customers in analyzing and resolving root causes. We also help define the aftermarket requirements for our systems and products, to ensure that all the necessary documentation, tools and processes are available when we launch a product on the market.

Our primary objective is to deliver outstanding quality that enables end-users to access the best possible services from Forsee Power.


As expert in batteries and their use, we offer real-time monitoring of battery systems to ensure optimal operation and optimize availability, capacity and longevity. With our unique solution, you’ll benefit from improved battery performance and enhanced safety.

Customer satisfaction

Our Aftermarket Customer Satisfaction Center provides accurate, real-time data on the quality and safety of our battery systems, to enhance the customer experience. We ensure a personalized relationship with each customer, with our team dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation and satisfaction of users once our products are in service.