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On-board and wayside rail solutions

At Forsee Power, we have identified rail transport as a strategic axis of development, guided by the decarbonization of rolling stock, which plays a key role in achieving climate ambitions.

This is why Forsee Power’s rail hub has developed a comprehensive range of energy-efficient solutions that are inseparable from railway greening projects: battery systems, power converters, auxiliary converters, rapid charging systems on the trackside or on board.

Its innovative solutions equipping trams without catenary, 100% battery trains, hybrid trains (two-mode and three-mode), hydrogen trains (fuel cell and batteries) make it possible to limit emissions and reduce infrastructure costs, while preserving the natural landscape.




2.5 kWh high-power extra-slim module for fast-charging option.


15 kWh high-power battery pack for fast-charging option.


7 kWh energy & power battery module for overnight or opportunity charging option.


On-board auxiliary power converter for energy conversion


On-board ultra high-power scalable battery systems for braking energy recovery & line stabilization


On-board ultra high-power scalable battery system  for catenary free operations


Wayside energy storage system from 1 to 4 kWh for braking energy recovery & line stabilization


Scalable wayside ultra-fast charging station with battery systems for catenary-free operations

Forsee Power electrifies Socofer’s maintenance locomotives with FLEX 7 battery modules

Since 2020, we supply the railway manufacturer Socofer, selected by Getlink (formerly Eurotunnel) to equip 19 maintenance locomotives. It integrates the Forsee Power FLEX 7 batteries already proven in many Transport projects (buses, industrial vehicles, boats), composed of NMC type lithium-ion technologies combining energy and power. The goal is to replace the current diesel locomotives with a 100% electric solution.

The mission of Socofer and Forsee Power meets a precise specification, on three rolling equipment in charge of the maintenance of terrestrial and submarine infrastructures: the cleaning trains, the catenary trains and the PRD trains – for the maintenance of the pressure relief duct.


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