30 May 2023

FORSEE GO 10 battery clears the new AIS 156 India certification

In 2021, Forsee Power started its operations in India with a strong focus on battery solutions for the booming light vehicles market.

Safety above all 

Last month, our GO 10 LFP battery solution received AIS 156 (Amendment 3 – Phase 2) certification. It’s compulsory for all light electric vehicles in India and took large assistance from the R136 UNECE standard in Europe. AIS 156 certification includes the latest and most rigorous standard ensuring battery safety and reliability. 

With the GO 10 battery also complying with other stringent standards such as R10, R136 and UN38.3, Forsee Power proves once again that it is fully dedicated to delivering the safest and most reliable battery solutions to its customers independently of geographical areas. 

💦 IP 67 rating for water and dust protection
⚡ Successful completion of thermal runaway propagation test without any indication of fire or explosion
🔊  An audible / visual warning that promptly alerts the user in the unlikely case of a thermal incident.  

Decarbonating India’s transport with the “Make in India” initiative 

The Indian government has set an ambitious plan to decarbonate the country and the FAME 2 program aims at supporting the purchase of electric vehicles including three, four wheelers and buses. Only advanced and safe batteries and vehicles can be incentivized under the scheme. 

When the program was announced, Forsee Power made plan to establish in Pune and the operations started in May 2021. The Group is first addressing the light electric vehicle local market – two, three, four wheelers and will address the heavy vehicle market in a second phase. 

The mass production of batteries for light electric vehicles at the Pune industrial site in India intensified in 2022.  

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