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The LFP battery with high energy density

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Modularity for more power

The GO 10 battery is a powerful and efficient solution for all your energy and power needs. With its 171Wh/L and 10kWh of on-board energy.

Moreover, it is highly modular and accepts DC currents of 1C (+200A) and peak currents of up to 350A, and can be coupled in parallel with up to 8 batteries and in series with up to 96V, all this without an external battery management system!

Discover the power and efficiency of this compact and versatile battery that will allow you to enjoy an unequalled autonomy.

Always more security

The on-board battery management system (BMS) in our GO 10 battery offers unparalleled reliability and safety for all your trips. It provides you with dynamic data on the status of your battery at all times, thanks to a powerful and proven algorithm. Plus, this battery solution has undergone rigorous testing to give you absolute peace of mind.

This GO 10 battery is also certified AIS 156 (amendment 3 – phase 2) including:
+ IP67 rating protects you from the elements and the vagaries of the road.
+ Thermal propagation test with no evidence of fire nor explosion
+ Audio / Visual Warning in case of Thermal Event that alerts the user

And with a very low self-discharge rate, the battery can be stored for months.

Operating in the most extreme geographic zones

What fun! With our GO10 battery, you can go anywhere, even the coldest places! Its integrated heating system controlled by the BMS offers you optimal performance and safety in any climate zone, down to -20°C.

No more worries, you can now target the Nordic countries without limit and be sure that your battery will start every time!


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