GO 1.6 Power

The portable battery for limitless mobility

Let your scooter take you further with the GO 1.6 Power interchangeable battery from Forsee Power! Our battery is designed for optimum life and uncompromising autonomy.

Offering exceptional performance for powerful 125cc-equivalent scooters (in 2 or 3P configuration), Forsee Power’s GO 1.6 Power battery is the perfect solution for endless driving across a wide range of small mobility vehicles.

The best power density on the market

At 208 Wh/L, our GO 1.6 Power lithium-ion NMC battery offers simply the best energy density combined with an outstanding peak withstand performance of 6 kW per battery. With a power density of over 545 W/kg, it’s the best ratio available on the market. It’s designed to deliver incredible power in a compact format. You’ll benefit from unrivalled power and performance to make your electric vehicle your best ally.

Forsee Power’s external Switching Box gives you a single communication interface for greater system reliability and operability. Allowing up to 3 batteries to be connected in parallel, it offers the possibility of discharging the batteries one by one to provide more autonomy or more power. The Switching Box benefits from calculation algorithms that have been tried and tested by leading 2-wheel manufacturers.

Easy to handle and operate

Exceptional performance and unrivalled durability

With our GO 1.6 Power interchangeable battery, you can quickly and easily replace your worn-out battery for a new adventure. Don’t wait any longer and experience the convenience of the GO 1.6 Power battery.

Its integrated handle and ultra-light 11 kg weight make it easy to handle and install on any 2-wheel vehicle. Its ergonomic, compact design and high-reliability CAN 2.0 standard technology ensure adaptability to all light vehicles.

Electric vehicles are at the forefront of the energy transition, and the performance of their batteries is essential. With its robust, high-performance battery, Forsee Power is the leader in accelerating the energy transition of light electric vehicles.

Designed with the best engineering practices on the market, our GO 1.6 Power battery benefits from a robust IP65-rated aluminum case designed to resist water and dust infiltration, and excellent resistance to vibration and shock, ensuring optimum safety and durability. The GO1.6 Power battery will help you brave all the elements! Its aluminum case provides excellent heat dissipation to prevent thermal shock in the event of continuous discharge or exposure to sunlight.

TechnologyLithium NMC
Voltage50.4 V
Energy1.52 kWh
Energy density213 Wh/L
Communication protocolCAN 2.0
Protection classIP 65
Dimensions380 x 252 x 74 mm
Weight11 kg