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Hydrogen battery solutions for heavy vehicles

Fast charge

cycle life

Liquid thermal management

Hydrogen propulsion is a zero-emission alternative to 100% batteries and Forsee Power is world leader in batteries for heavy-duty hydrogen vehicles thanks to the PULSE H2 battery solutions.

The high-performance properties of LTO cells offer vehicles with hybrid diesel or hydrogen hybrid engines the possibility of being charged very quickly (3 to 5 minutes) while benefiting from an excellent duration of 15-year life.

Why integrate a Forsee Power battery in a hydrogen vehicle?

Hydrogen hybrid vehicles are equipped with batteries as it is a prerequisite. In buses, the fuel cell, powered by hydrogen tanks which are stored on the roof of the vehicle, produces electricity that powers the electric motor. Hydrogen is therefore the main source of fuel for the vehicle. The batteries, charged by the electricity from the fuel cell, make it possible to generate additional energy during sudden variations in load (acceleration or climbing on a steep slope). The vehicle is driven either by the battery or by the fuel cell or by both to obtain more power.


2.5 kWh high-power extra-slim module for fast-charging option.


15 kWh high-power battery pack for fast-charging option.

We equip CaetanoBus H2 buses with our PULSE 15 battery system

Forsee Power develops state-of-the-art technologies that answer all the needs and constraints imposed by the electric bus market: autonomy, power, life cycles, and safety. That’s why, one of our main partner, CaetanoBus, has selected Forsee Power to equip its H2.City Gold hydrogen propulsion with the high-power PULSE 15 batteries.

Batteries are installed on the roof and associated with 5 hydrogen tanks. Thus, the H2.City Gold can travel up to 400 km in zero-emission mode with the combination of Forsee Power battery systems and fuel cells.

Forsee Power equips Wrightbus for hydrogen StreetDeck buses

In 2016, Forsee Power and Wrightbus broadened their cooperation in the field of hydrogen buses, for which Forsee Power has developed the high-power Pulse technology. The success of this cooperation enabled Wrightbus to win the JIVE (Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe) call for tenders, and to register nearly 100 orders for hydrogen buses in major cities such as Aberdeen, London, or Liverpool.

The extra-slim format of Forsee Power’s PULSE 2.5 modules combined with their very high power frees up the space necessary for the integration of fuel cells, especially in the double-decker Streetdeck buses that cannot integrate batteries in roofing while their consumption is higher than single-decker buses. The Streedeck H2 Buses thus reach a range of 320 km.

Certifications & safety

All our batteries are developed to meet the highest safety and
certification requirements throughout the whole conception and
manufacturing process.

  • R-100-2
  • R10.5
    Electromagnetic compatibility
  • UN38.3


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