5 November 2019

Forsee Power unveils its new portable Go 1.6 battery for the light mobility market

At the occasion of EICMA Motorcycle Show 2019 in Milan from 5 to 10 November 2019, Forsee Power launches its new Go 1.6 solution

At the occasion of EICMA Motorcycle Show 2019 in Milan from 5 to 10 November 2019, Forsee Power launches its new Go 1.6 solution

Paris, 5 November 2019
 – Forsee Power – the French specialist in smart battery systems – introduces its new battery Go 1.6 at EICMA in Milan, Italy. The Go 1.6 battery is a turnkey portable solution for 2 or 3 wheelers manufacturers. 

In addition to the existing offer of on-board batteries (Go 2 and GO 4), the new portable Go 1.6 battery is dedicated to the urban electro-mobility market.

One battery, two options

To meet market needs on the personal mobility segment, Forsee Power has developed this new 48 V portable solution in two off-the-shelf versions: Go 1.6 Energy and Go 1.6 Power.

The Energy version is an affordable solution that delivers sufficient power and range for urban mobility applications such as 50cc equivalents.

The Power version has been developed to meet recurrent demands from manufacturers that want to offer a speed range of more than 50 kph so users can access fasterroads.

For even higher autonomy, Go 1.6 batteries can be connected in parallel using the Forsee Power Switching Box solution (up to 3 batteries depending on volume available).

Weighting less than 11 kg, these solutions are extractible from the seat box making them easily transportable to be charged at home or at the office.

Opportunities in Europe and North America

The high-quality lithium-ion Go 1.6 battery will be produced in Forsee Power’s Chinese production plant from March 2020, where the capabilities reach 100,000 scooter batteries per year.

“We are aiming to market Go 1.6 worldwide and have already registered pre-orders in Europe and Asia. This standard offer allows our customers to integrate this battery very quickly, so they can accelerate the launch of their vehicles,” says Frederik Baudrier, Smart Life division Director at Forsee Power.

Forsee Power already equips the world leaders in scooters and the Group provides after-sales service close to its markets on its Polish site. The industrial company has already signed contracts and delivered batteries for world-renowned European manufacturers. China’s flagship brands Doohan, Zhongneng and lately NIU Technologies, leader in the smart electric scooter market in China and Europe have already ordered several tens of thousands of batteries from Forsee Power.

Forsee Power is an industrial group specializing in smart battery systems for sustainable electric transport (LEV, trucks, buses, trains, marine vessels).
A major player in Europe, Asia, and North America the Group designs, assembles and supplies energy management systems based on the most robust cells available on the market as well as provides installation, commissioning and on-site or remote maintenance.
Forsee Power also offers financing solutions (battery rental) and second life solutions for transport batteries.
www.forseepower.com @ForseePower

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