18 September 2018

Forsee Power announces a partnership with railway construction company Socoferat the Innotrans trade fair

Building on its major industrial capabilities, Forsee Power is now entering the railway market with Socofer

Paris, 18 September 2018 – At the Innotrans trade fair, the Forsee Power Group, the French expert in intelligent battery systems for electric mobility, mar- ked its entry into the railway market by announcing a partnership with Socofer.

A new entrant in the railway market…

Having acquired a leading position in the electric bus market, Forsee Power  is now entering the railway market. This move has been cemented with the conclusion of a partnership with French company Socofer, a railway construc- tion company founded in 1920. Socofer has decided to equip its locomotives with Flex 7 battery systems developed by Forsee Power, widely tried and tested in use on buses, trucks and in marine applications. Depending on the project, the systems will supply between 150kWh and 500kWh of energy and 300kW to 1500kW of power.

“This partnership with Forsee Power gives us the opportunity to provide in- novative rolling stock which will release us from using catenaries during the traction phases and work on railway infrastructure, while avoiding the use of diesel gensets. This solution is of real benefit to maintenance workers by eli- minating pollution, especially in tunnels, and provides a positive response to our customers’ ‘all-electric’ requirements,” explains Bertrand Hallé, Managing Director of Socofer.

Together, Socofer and Forsee Power want to put French excellence at the ser- vice of European and global customers. They have also won the track motor car project for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Marseilles and many other projects are currently being assessed.

… and a leading player in the transport market!

“Our strong industrial roots in Europe and Asia and our many international existing customers in all transport markets – buses, trucks, industrial vehicles, railway and marine – unquestionable position Forsee Power as the leading battery manufacturer. Our participation at Innotrans aims to strengthen our pre- sence in the railway market, ” says Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, Director of the Smart Transport Division at Forsee Power.

Having recently moved to a new and modern 15,000 sq. m industrial site in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou near Poitiers, Forsee Power is significantly increasing its production capacity, with the manufacture of 2,500 batteries a year for elec- tric buses (or equivalent for trains and industrial vehicles).

A wide range that meets all the market’s needs

Forsee Power offers the most comprehensive range of products on the market, meeting all its customers’ needs in energy and power. Through partnerships with the largest suppliers of electrochemical cells, including Panasonic, LG, Xalt and Toshiba, Forsee Power has unique expertise in all stages of smart battery design.

The Pulse range

The Pulse range (power range) developed by Forsee Power offers buses fast charging options (3-5 mins, 15-25 times a day). It can also equip vehicles with hy- brid or hydrogen engines.

The Flex range

Offering a high level of energy and power, Flex battery systems allow recharging whenever it may be convenient, several times a day (50% recharge in 15 minutes), optimising the energy supply.

The Zen range

The Zen range maximises energy supply (300-500kWh per vehicle) while minimising the mass. It provides a range of over 300km with a single daily charge.

In addition, Forsee Power provides financing services with NEoT Capital, which offers a battery rental service. The Forsee Power group also gives transport batteries a new lease of life in stationary applications.

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