23 April 2020

COVID-19: Forsee Power will deliver more than 100,000 medical batteries

Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems, is mobilizing all its global capabilities to meet the needs associated with the Covid-19.

Paris, April 23, 2020– Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems, is mobilizing all its global capabilities to meet the needs associated with the Covid-19.

In this exceptional period of pandemic, the industrial world is disrupted and yet the medical industry cannot suffer from stopping. Forsee Power’s Industrial Techactivity teams (design, manufacturing and integration of portable battery systems) are going into action to maintain their active production of batteries for medical devices, which are sorely lacking.

Mobilized alongside its European and North American partners in the health sector

The current health crisis has caused unprecedented demand for respirators, portable oxygen concentrators, infusion pumps, syringe pumps and other devices to equip hospitals and to provide outpatient care. Forsee Power develops sustainable, high-performance batteries for many European and North American manufacturers of medical devices. Today, the Group has mobilized all the resources necessary to ensure the delivery of its batteries, essential for the proper functioning of vital equipment in the fight against COVID-19.

An international presence and experience to meet the emergency

Forsee Power develops and manufactures sustainable, high-performance batteries for electromobility and for industrial and medical devices around the world. The factories of the group’s Industrial Techactivity are certified and follow specific standards in the health sector. The agility of the teams, the group’s international presence and its control of a global supply chain enabled to quickly respond to the growing needs linked to the Covid-19, to accelerate production and to ensure the delivery of batteries to its partners in the medical world.

“These are battery systems that we regularly manufacture throughout the year. We therefore apply –in an accelerated manner– processes mastered by our teams. The Forsee Power Group is proud to contribute, in its field, to the fight against this pandemic in order to respond as quickly as possible to the urgent needs of hospitals for medical equipment” underlines Frédérik Baudrier, director of the Smart Life division of Forsee Power.

In total, more than 100,000 batteries will be produced between March and August 2020 by Forsee Power to supply global manufacturers providing equipment to hospitals managing patients with Covid-19. The equipment will cover around 30,000 intensive care beds. 

Forsee Power is an industrial group specializing in smart battery systems for sustainable electric transport (LEV, trucks, buses, trains, marine vessels), and for industrial devices through its Industrial Tech activity (medical devices, robotics, security).
A major player in Europe, Asia, and North America the Group designs, assembles and supplies energy management systems based on the most robust cells available on the market as well as provides installation, commissioning and on-site or remote maintenance.
Forsee Power also offers financing solutions (battery rental) and second life solutions for transport batteries.
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