11 October 2022

Forsee Power’s sustainability performance rewarded by the highest Ethifinance rating: “Exemplary” level

77/100 is the score we obtained for our 2021 ESG performance, which places us at an “Exemplary” level on the Ethifinance ESG maturity scale, the highest reward grade awarded by the rating agency. With clear progress on social and environmental issues, Forsee Power’s commitments and actions have been rewarded. The report also highlights a level of maturity that is 32 points higher than that of our peers (comparable sector of activity and workforce).

This is a significant increase in Forsee Power’s maturity on ESG issues, since in 2020 the Group obtained an “Advanced +” level with an overall score of 72/100.

The supply chain has also progressed in terms of sustainable development issues, with a gold medal awarded by the EcoVadis agency. This score places us in the top 2% of companies in our sector.

As part of a continuous improvement approach, the Group takes into consideration the progress made by the extra-financial agencies to feed its sustainable development action plan.

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