29 February 2024

Energy craftsmen: our operators bring our batteries to life!

At Forsee Power, we are shaping the future of sustainable electric mobility. To achieve our mission, we rely on more than 800 employees, including our production operators. They are the real architects of our success, working at the heart of our production sites, where our smart battery systems come to life in accordance with the operational guidelines defined by our Group's quality standards. As links in a production chain at one of our sites in France, Poland, India, China, or the United States, on manual or automatic lines, the 250 Forsee Power operators assemble hundreds of components to manufacture battery systems for integration in light or heavy electric vehicles. They are each responsible for one stage in the battery manufacturing process: sorting the cells, assembling the electronics, integrating the mechanical components, and carrying out quality control. Their work is the foundation of the reliability and performance of our batteries.

The job of production operator at Forsee Power requires a unique set of skills and know-how.

operator_automatic line cdp

Attention to detail and dexterity
Assembling lithium-ion batteries requires extreme precision to ensure safety and efficiency. Also, some components are very small or located in very tight spaces.

Mastery of production tools
Forsee Power operators are trained in lifting systems, the use of screwdrivers, and the handling of other work tools.

Technicial understanding
Battery assembly must be carried out in accordance with diagrams and manufacturing processes defined.
Production operators carry out their tasks as part of a team, cooperating with the other operators on the line.

Quality control
Quality is our number one priority. Production operators ensure that every battery produced is functional, at every stage of the process.

Workplace safety
the safety of our employees is paramount, and local HSE teams develop strict protocols and training to ensure a safe working environment in which the risk of accidents is minimal.

At Forsee Power, we recognise the value of our employees and invest in their career development. Like the Group’s other professions, production operators have the opportunity to progress within the company by acquiring new skills and moving into positions of responsibility: qualified technicians, team leader, production supervisor, line operator or specialising in the programming of production machines or moving into quality control or logistics. As a provider of jobs, industry is rich in the diversity of production professions, and Forsee Power is no exception.

They tell us more about their job as operators at Forsee Power

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