12 April 2024

BATTENA: Forsee Power is committed to excellence in battery industry training

In an era marked by a rapid and necessary energy transition in Europe, the BATTENA project (BATTeries En Nouvelle-Aquitaine) stands out as a pioneering and ambitious initiative in which Forsee Power and other key industry players are actively involved. This is the only initiative of its kind in France entirely driven by a region and funded by the State. BATTENA aligns with the France 2030 strategy and the Banque des Territoires, focusing on the training of specialized skills across the entire battery value chain. This comprehensive integration ensures a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to the battery industry. Students and professionals trained under the BATTENA program benefit from a 360° view of the sector, which is essential for innovation and progress in this constantly evolving field.

A broad and diverse range of training programs in collaboration with industry professionals, schools, and research centers


The success of BATTENA is based on a balanced consortium composed of training organizations, higher education institutions, engineering schools, industry players such as ACC and Orano, and research laboratories. Under the leadership of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and with the support of the CSF New Energy Systems, the consortium aims to unite these various strengths to effectively structure the sector starting from high school.

The training programs offered by BATTENA will focus on key skills such as electronics, battery testing and trials, safety and operational security, as well as R&D. Professions like production, assembly, maintenance, and recycling will also be emphasized. This comprehensive approach ensures the creation of a pool of 35,000 talents by 2028 capable of meeting the various challenges of the sector. The training modules will be continuously adapted to technological developments and market demands.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region at the forefront of the energy transition

This unique regional commitment demonstrates the determination of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to become a leader in battery technology and in training the talent required for this industry. This strategic choice places the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region at the forefront of innovation and the energy transition, highlighting its role as a pioneer in the field. It stimulates the regional economy by creating skilled jobs and attracting investments in the renewable energy sector. Thus, Nouvelle-Aquitaine positions itself as a significant hub for the battery industry, not only in France but also on the international stage.

Forsee Power’s Commitment to BATTENA

Forsee Power plays a leading role in this initiative by bringing its industrial expertise and actively participating in the development of training curricula that align with its mission to promote sustainable energy solutions. This collaboration allows Forsee Power to share its extensive knowledge on the latest battery innovations, best production practices, and associated safety and sustainability challenges.

Forsee Power’s role in BATTENA is also crucial to ensuring that the training programs are aligned with market realities and the future needs of the industry. By integrating feedback directly from its work environment and research and development projects, the Group ensures that the training programs are not only theoretical but also highly practical and applicable in a real professional context.

Forsee Power, by sharing its experience and expertise with future professionals in the battery sector, plays a crucial role in preparing a new generation of skilled workers who are aware of environmental issues and capable of actively contributing to the growth of the battery industry in France and beyond.

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