GO 10

The high energy density LFP battery

Looking for a reliable, compact, high-performance battery for light 4-wheel vehicles? Forsee Power’s GO 10 battery is the answer. It features Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology and offers best-in-class energy density, for optimum safety.

With 206Ah on board, where competitors are often limited to 200Ah, there’s no stopping your vehicle. With the GO 10 battery, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s range and performance. Drive with peace of mind.

Modularity for more power

The GO 10 battery is a powerful, high-performance solution for all your energy and power needs. With its 171 Wh/L and 10 kWh of on-board energy, it’s perfect for industrial use as well as for private users who want to get away from the constraints of internal combustion vehicles.

What’s more, it’s highly modular, accepting DC currents of 1C (+200 A) and peak currents of up to 350 A, and can be connected in parallel with up to 6 batteries and in series with up to 96 V, all without an external box!

Discover the power and efficiency of this compact, versatile battery that will give you unrivalled autonomy.

Always more security for a free spirit

Operating in the most extreme zones

The on-board battery management system (BMS) in our GO 10 battery offers unrivalled reliability and safety for all your travels. It provides you with dynamic data on the state of your battery at all times, thanks to a powerful, proven algorithm. In addition, this battery solution has been rigorously tested to give you absolute peace of mind.

Its IP 67 protection rating protects you from the elements and the vagaries of the road. And with a very low self-discharge rate, the battery can be stored for months.

Let yourself be seduced by the on-board BMS management system and enjoy a unique driving experience.

What fun! With our GO 10 battery, you can go anywhere, even the coldest places! Its integrated, BMS-controlled heating system gives you optimum performance and safety in any climate zone, down to -20°C.

No more worries: you can now target the Nordic countries without limit, and be sure that your battery will start up every time!


Act for the energy transition

Our battery production is carried out as close as possible to the end customer. To achieve this, we have five production sites located in Europe, Asia and North America. This geographical location enables us to minimize transport-related CO2 emissions and shorten delivery times for our customers.

In addition, these sites are also responsible for battery maintenance, should the need arise. In this way, the responsiveness of our services is assured, and the performance of your vehicle fleet is preserved, whatever the circumstances.

TechnologyLithium LFP
Voltage51.2 V
Energy10.54 kWh
Power density171 Wh/L
Communication protocolCAN 2.0 A/B SAE J1939 compatible
Protection classIP 67
Dimensions600 x 440 x 233 mm
Weight90 kg