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High autonomy for light electric vehicles and robotics


On-board battery




Integrated to our on-board light electric battery range, the Forsee Power GO 4 has been developed for urban scooter fleets with a solid aluminum casing that makes it resistant to perforation, drop and water (IP 65).

Based on NMC 18650 cells, superior software and electronics, Forsee Power teams have specifically developed the GO 4 lithium-ion battery, 72 V and 4 kWh, to provide high energy for high autonomy and a long lifetime

The GO 4 battery is also available with charger and handle if required.

High autonomy

4,000 Wh & 237 Wh/L

Great flexibility

CAN 2.0 communication protocol

High reliability & safety

BMS with passive balancing & vibration dumping pads


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