At Forsee Power, we don’t just make batteries. We also offer INNOVATIVE SERVICES to our electromobility customers to help them accelerate the energy transition of their applications and extend the battery cycle life of our battery systems in stationary applications.

[YOUR PROJECT] as a SERVICE: financing solution to accelerate the energy transition in transport

We offer battery rental solutions for cities so CAPEX is not an issue anymore when replacing their fleet with zero-emission solutions.

The financing solution can also extend to the vehicle and the charging infrastructure and include maintenance, warranties and the management of battery’s second life or end of life.

From transport to stationary energy storage: EXTENDING THE BATTERY LIFE CYCLE

Did you know that at the end of their first life in vehicle, battery systems still have 80% of their energy capacity after 10-15 years? Thus, another life can take place in a vehicle with less ambitious operations. Or it can be used in stationary storage applications to optimize smart grid or to create an autonomous storage system coupled with solar or wing-powered solutions.

Our technical team develops batteries with a circular-economy approach, ensuring that the mechanical and electrical design enables an easy integration into containers.

We support our customers in the AFTER-SALES phase

After the prototyping phases, the series life of your systems often requires tailor-made support by our after-sales teams.

Our systems engineers ensure the integration and commissioning phase of the first battery systems in vehicles, and our traveling technicians (‘flying doctors’) take over and provide maintenance and repair. These operations can be carried out on site or remotely, in the service network of our customers or within our production units.

Whatever the electric mobility applications and the geographic areas of intervention, Forsee Power battery solutions are followed by our experienced teams in Europe and in Asia and can be used wherever our customers operate, ensuring great quality service.


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