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At Forsee Power, we don’t just make batteries.

We facilitate every step of the transition to sustainable electromobility with a comprehensive range of innovative services.

They allow everyone to be able to meet the specific challenges of this transformation by covering all the stages in the life of a product, from its conception to its recycling.

Forsee Solutions

Defining the right electrification concept with OEMs and cities, from battery to infrastructure  and helping battery integration into the vehicle

Forsee Field Services

Developing preventive maintenance, curative maintenance, after-sales & spare parts, and hot line

Forsee Digital

Monitoring vehicle fleets

Forsee Academy

Training and certification of technicians on Forsee Power battery maintenance

Forsee Financial Services

Acting as financial advisor and facilitator, relying on large investor network


Forsee Solutions guides vehicle manufacturers, public transport operators and transport authorities in their first steps towards electromobility with a comprehensive technical, economic and financial approach

Forsee Power draws on a strong experience in the field of public transport covering vehicles and charging infrastructures. Our teams have already supported many customers in their conversion to electromobility around the world.

Using in-house tools (aging simulation model, cost database, complete TCO models), our experts help you identify the best technological choices by not limiting themselves only to technical aspects but by also considering the economic, financial, regulatory, and social aspects.

The objective is to guide you towards the best solution, capable of responding to your specific electromobility project and possibly offering you a turnkey solution managing all the new aspects associated with electromobility.

This solution allows manufacturers, cities, and operators to benefit from reliable and documented support:

+ Technical-economic analyzes covering the entire life of the battery / vehicles, second life and recycling

+ Feedback on each technical solution

+ Coordination with a network of partners across the electromobility value chain (design, financing, second life and recycling of batteries)

+ Monitoring of emerging business models across all electromobility segments on an international scale

+ Technical support during the integration phase

Fleet Monitoring Services to optimize customers’ fleet efficiency remotely for CaetanoBus in city of London

Our challenge:
Identify  quickly malfunctions on the bus while reducing vehicle off-road time (“VOR”) and improving communication during the process

Forsee Power solution:
Monitored London bus battery fleet using the customer data logging solution

Customer benefits:
Identified the issue faster, reduced VOR, provided preventive maintenance, monitored remedies, provided battery operation reporting analysis

MPhysical maintenance solutions limiting impact daily activities for NEOT in France

Our challenge:
Managed first preventive maintenance works with limited impact on daily operations

Forsee Power solution:
Sent a “flying doctor” to coordinate operations locally to schedule bus inspections according to the bus timetable

Customer benefits:
Five buses checked in one day with no impact on bus operations and, detection & repair of minor issues during inspection (avoiding potential future VOR time)

Electrification strategy definition in United Kingdom

In 2019-2020, Forsee Power and its industrial and financial partners delivered to a major bus operator in London, one of the first turnkey bus fleet solutions comprising a fully financed charging infrastructure in the form of a rental model.

Our challenge:
Provide a fully electrified turnkey solution for a city bus fleet

Forsee Power solution:
Brought together infrastructure provider, a bus OEM, and the bus operator with Mitsui support to provide a turnkey solution to the city over 15 years

Customer benefits:
Fully-financed solution accelerating the transition towards a zero-emission solution while managing the technological risk for the end customer

Training of IVECO technicians to improve know-how of Forsee Power’s batteries

In 2020, the Forsee Power teams trained the maintenance technicians of our partner IVECO BUS on the Forsee Power battery solutions, integrated in several of the manufacturer’s models.

Our challenge:
Make clients’ technicians understand Forsee Power’s battery systems

Forsee Power solution:
Delivered practical training on real products with Forsee Power experts together with the review of the maintenance manual and battery replacement procedure

Customer benefits:
Better autonomy of the client (repair without Forsee Power support) and a better understanding of the products)

From transport to stationary energy storage: extending the battery cycle life

Did you know that at the end of their first life in vehicle, battery systems still have 80% of their energy capacity after 10-15 years? Thus, another life can take place in a vehicle with less ambitious operations. Or it can be used in stationary storage applications to optimize smart grid or to create an autonomous storage system coupled with solar or wing-powered solutions.

Our technical team develops batteries with a circular-economy approach, ensuring that the mechanical and electrical design enables an easy integration into containers.