29 June 2023

Vensys Group, Parker Hannifin and Forsee Power partner to retrofit off-highway vehicles

Paris, June 29, 2023 – 5:45 p.m. CEST – Forsee Power (FR0014005SB3 – FORSE), expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, Vensys Group, specialist in electrohydraulic solutions for agriculture and construction and Parker Hannifin, world leader movement and control technologies, announce that they have signed a partnership to convert thermal off-highway vehicles (construction site machinery) into electric vehicles and thus cut the emissions, noise and vibrations associated with the motorization of these machines.

Vensys Group and its subsidiary Hydrokit will market retrofit kits suitable for construction site machinery, such as mini excavators, in partnership with Parker France for the electrical transmission and Forsee Power for the battery systems.

Vensys Group is speeding up the decarbonization of off-highway vehicles with Hydrokit, its subsidiary expert in electrohydraulic solutions and In Situ, its engineering company experienced in decarbonization

Vensys Group supports OEMs in the design of 100% electric and hybrid transmissions and in electrohydraulic solutions up to 800Vdc, until the series launch of projects by manufacturers. The group’s capabilities allow both the supply of solutions in the form of kits and the production of complete machines in Vensys’ workshops.

Leveraging its engineering expertise, Vensys Group offers retrofit solutions as kits to be integrated into used internal combustion vehicles. These kits – defined following multi-physics numerical simulations – integrate a set of optimized elements including the motor, the drivetrain, the lithium-ion battery system and its Battery Management System (BMS), the charger and the on-board computer. The integration within the vehicle is then calculated to optimize performance and safety during operations.

This partnership with Parker and Forsee Power enables Vensys Group to accelerate its development in the decarbonization of mobile machinery with turnkey solutions for OEMs of off-highway vehicles whose market is fast growing.

Parker Hannifin, world leader in electric transmission and traction systems

Parker Hannifin will provide its expertise in transmission, electric traction, and cooling systems through smart electrification and thermal management solutions.

Parker’s 100-year history combines the best of hydraulics with electric efficiency to create flexible, durable solutions that maximize system efficiency. With its dedicated components, Parker develops innovative electrification solutions contributing to a quieter and cleaner future.

The partnership will combine Forsee Power batteries with Parker drives, motors and coolers: GVM electric motors up to 406 kilowatts-peak (kWp) with simplified interface for mechanics – GVI series drives with single interface for all voltages of 24 to 800 Volts DC at up to 650 amps peak – high efficiency, high power density QDC coolers.

This unique offer is an ideal solution to meet all the electrification needs of mobile machinery.

Eco-designed, extremely robust, and flexible Forsee Power battery systems

The partners selected the FORSEE ZEN 8 SLIM battery, specially designed to electrify 100% electric off-highway and light vehicles, to form the battery systems necessary for the retrofit kit.

The batteries are only 128 mm thick and can be integrated both vertically and horizontally. ZEN 8 SLIM is very modular and scalable. It allows up to 32 modules to be set up in series and parallel, supporting a multitude of combinations from 48V/8kWh to 800V/250kWh, with future upgrades up to 800V /1.2 MWh. To perfectly adapt the on-board energy to the system voltage, it integrates 48V and 72V modules as well as a 48V pack with its own integrated BMS. The excellent energy density of 251 Wh/L – among the best on the market – ensures all-day operations on a single charge. Opportunity charging is also possible with up to 1C charging compatibility that can charge the battery to 100% in just one hour. Total cost of ownership and robustness are essential in the off-highway market segment, which is why Forsee Power made sure to offer a product with a very long life of 5,000 cycles and IP67-certified for resistance in air and water.

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