1 February 2022

Forsee Power launches PULSE 0.5, an ultra high-power battery for off-highway 48V hybrid systems

Paris, February 1st, 2022 – 5:45 pm CET – Forsee Power (the “Company”), the expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, announces the launch of its high-power PULSE 0.5 battery to equip the off-highway market (agricultural, industrial, forestry, mining, forklift, excavator, etc.). This market is growing very strongly with annual forecasts for battery systems expected to reach 1 billion euros by 2027.

The electrification of this market is expected to increase 7 times over the next 7 years and will have a significant impact on people and the environment. Indeed, the battery does not only reduce CO2 emissions; it also improves the general health conditions at work, reducing noise and vibration.

Forsee Power has signed a first contract with a world leader in industrial engines under 100 HP and also one of the main manufacturers of off-highway vehicles.

“We are committed to mitigating climate change with zero-emission solutions. Off-highway vehicles are a major focus of development and after a successful launch of our dedicated high-energy battery – Zen 8 – in 2021, we are proud to bring the new PULSE 0.5 high power battery to complete our offer”. explains Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle. “PULSE 0.5 is a perfect format to electrify mild hybrid vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, tractors, sweepers.

When high-power performance meets easy integration and operations

With its expertise as a leader on the bus market, Forsee Power developed PULSE 0.5 to be a modular, ultra-compact and very powerful battery suitable for off-road vehicles.

This new battery offers both energy recuperation and electric motor boost during operations. Ideally suited for 48 V mild hybrid systems, PULSE 0.5 has an outstanding power capacity of up to 20 kW to support the electric motor when high torque is needed.

It is very easy to integrate, and its performance remains equal whatever the weather: PULSE 0.5 is operational at low temperatures down to -20°C and is designed for water and air tightness (IP 67). PULSE 0.5 is also equipped with active air cooling, which enables optimal performance and lifespan. The customer does not need a thermal management system for the battery, thus reducing the overall system cost.

High reliability and long life thanks to its LTO cell technology

An expert in lithium-ion cell technology, Forsee Power works closely with cell manufacturers to offer its customers battery systems that perfectly meet their power, energy, and volume challenges.

Co-engineered with a leading manufacturer of engines and machinery, PULSE 0.5 contains lithium-ion LTO cell technology providing high power. It also offers best-in-class BMS technology with ISO 26262 rated components certifying the functional safety of battery systems.

In addition, PULSE 0.5 offers an excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to the market. Its life cycle reaches an exceptional level of 100,000 cycles (5C, 45°C, 30% DOD), which combined with fuel consumption savings allows end-users to significantly reduce costs.

A strategic geographical presence to meet the growing demand from vehicle manufacturers

The Forsee Power group has a strong industrial presence, sized to meet the needs of its customers worldwide. Manufacturing sites in Europe (France and Poland) and Asia (China and India) host automated battery assembly lines whose production capacities – currently 1 GWh – are increasing every year to meet the high demand for electrification heavy and light vehicles. The Group has also announced its ambition to open a manufacturing site in the USA in the short term.

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