16 October 2018

Forsee Power launches Life range formedical and robotics applications

Life batteries: new range from the Smart Life division of Forsee Power

Paris, 16 October 2018 – The Forsee Power Group, the French expert in smart battery systems for electromobility and portable applications, presents its new Life range, composed of three batteries: Life 46Life 72 and Life 92.

An established name in the development of custom batteries for the electromobility, medical, tooling and home automation markets, Forsee Power’s Smart Life division recently released a new line of standard batteries. The range is designed for medical equipment such as portable oxygen concentrators (POC) and robotics equipment.

A 100% Forsee Power offer tailored to customer needs 

Developed in just six months by the Group’s French-Chinese teams, the 11.25V – Life 72 – and 14.8V – Life 46 and Life 92 – solutions have merged to meet customer demands for competitively priced products and very short delivery lead times with these specific voltages.

Reflecting market and customer cost constraints, Forsee Power’s teams have successfully reused a maximum of reliable parts already fitted to medical batteries, particularly for North American customers.

“The economies of scale in purchasing and the proven reliability of the battery parts are two major advantages of this strategy of re-using our product developments. This also allows Forsee Power to offer high quality batteries at prices well below our competitors,” explains Frederik Baudrier, Director of Forsee Power’s Smart Life division.

Opportunities in the American, French and Swiss markets

Forsee Power will unveil its new Life range at Medtrade, the world’s leading trade fair for home medical equipment.

The batteries will be presented to manufacturers of portable respirators and oxygen concentrators requiring long-life batteries, allowing patients to benefit from flexible and mobile solutions for the bedside or on the move. The portable medical equipment market is experiencing rapid growth due to an increase in outsourced hospital care.

Some ten customers in the United States, France and Switzerland have been identified for deliveries by the end of 2018. Production of Life 46, Life 72 and Life 92 batteries has already begun in Forsee Power’s Chinese plant.

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