12 January 2021

Forsee Power announces a new generation of extra-thin batteries

Paris, January 12, 2021 – Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems and the European leader in batteries for heavy vehicles, affirms its position as a leading electromobility player and announces the launch of a new generation of extra-thin batteries for 2021. The new generation of batteries, called SLIM, compose the thinnest modular range in the world and will be equipped with a liquid cooling system.

… and will offer the thinnest range of modular batteries in the world!

A same slim format for all uses and all types of heavy vehicles

To adapt to the changes in the Group’s target markets (buses, non-road vehicles, trains, boats) and to meet the requirements of manufacturers and operators in terms of passenger capacity, cost and performance, Forsee Power’s engineering teams have developed a new generation of slim batteries with unprecedented technical properties and multiple integration capabilities: on the roof, at the rear or in the floor of vehicles. This revolutionary product offer will cater to all electric mobility professionals’ needs, across all applications combined.

The new Forsee Power battery format will be available in ZEN high-energy (overnight charging) and FLEX energy-and-power (opportunity charging) versions, in addition to the already available high-power PULSE 2.5 low-profile module (ultra-fast charging and hydrogen hybridization).

Modular and flexible batteries equipped with a liquid cooling system

The batteries will cover a wide range of energies from 5 to 21 kWh, voltages from 50 V to 120 V and charging current of 106 A. This flexible offering – composed of modules of different sizes – will allow systems to be built according to the needs and the space available in the vehicle. SLIM batteries will also have an integrated liquid cooling system to regulate the temperature of the modules housed in the chassis, thus optimizing their lifespan and performance. This thermal management system makes it possible to address a wide range of geographic areas with very contrasting climates.

The high-energy ZEN SLIM range will be launched in spring 2021

Forsee Power’s range of high-energy ZEN batteries will be the first to integrate extra-thin formats. The ZEN SLIM offer, made up of 3 battery models, will carry NMC cells with very high energy capacity and will have an integrated liquid cooling system. These new systems, intended for 100% electric vehicles with high range and night charging, will be launched in Spring 2021 and produced in series from the end of 2021.

Wrightbus will be the first manufacturer equipped with new generation SLIM batteries

Forsee Power will supply Wrightbus with its new generation of ‘slim’ batteries, whose extra flat format allows easy integration into the chassis of vehicles (standard or double-decker bus).

In addition, many projects are being studied to electrify off-highway vehicles whose market is booming right now.

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