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Iseki lawn tractors adopt Forsee Power’s ultra-versatile ZEN 8 SLIM battery system

Paris, January 19, 2023 – 17h45 CET – Forsee Power (FR0014005SB3 – FORSE), an expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, announces that Iseki – Japan’s major agricultural machinery manufacturing company – has chosen to equip its first electric lawn tractors with Forsee Power’s battery systems.

The vehicles will integrate ZEN 8 SLIM, a versatile and ultra-slim battery pack developed by Forsee Power engineers to service the off-highway market.


Iseki to launch their SXGE2 electric riding lawn mowers in Europe in 2023

Lawn tractors are used for landscaping, maintenance of garden, parks, sports field, and a variety of green areas.

Iseki benefits from high market share in Europe for riding lawn mowers dedicated to professional users. Last December, the OEM released its new electric riding lawn mower, SXGE2. 

It will be introduced in Europe, where environmental regulations are driving fast electrification of machinery. SXGE2 was designed based on the successful diesel-engine version SXG216 which has already met great success with the European landscape maintenance market. Iseki is expecting great demand for the zero-emission version.


ZEN 8 SLIM pursues its commercial success with the off-highway market

Each Iseki’s riding lawn mower will integrate one ZEN 8 SLIM battery pack, vertically positioned, and located in the motor block at the front of the vehicle. The battery pack embeds 8 kWh, allowing operations for landscapers who can enjoy low vibration and low noise with performance equivalent to that of a diesel engine.

Forsee Power’s ZEN 8 SLIM battery offer was designed to electrify 100% battery off-highway and light vehicles. The batteries are only 128mm thin and can be integrated in both vertical and horizontal positions, which is a tremendous asset to electrify vehicles that were designed for thermal engine powertrain. ZEN 8 SLIM is very modular and scalable:  it’s possible to install up to 32 modules total in series and parallel, supporting a multitude of combinations ranging from 48V / 8kWh up to 800V / 250kWh, with future upgrades up to 800V / 1.2MWh. To perfectly match the on-board energy to the system voltage, it includes 48V and 72V modules as well as a 48V pack with its own integrated BMS.

In addition, the ZEN 8 SLIM batteries offer an excellent energy density of 251 Wh/ L – among the best available on the market – to ensure all-day operations with one single charge. Opportunity charging is also possible thanks to a charging compatibility of up to 1C that can charge the battery to 100% in just one hour. TCO and robustness are key on the off-highway market segment therefore Forsee Power made sure to offer a long-life product with 5,000 cycles, IP67 for air and water resistance.

Forsee Power battery systems are fully designed by Forsee Power teams and manufactured in Europe, Asia-Pacific and soon in North America.