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Channel Tunnel:
Forsee Power will electrify maintenance locomotives


Paris, 23 April 2019 – Forsee Power, a French expert in smart battery systems for urban mobility, will supply the railway manufacturer Socofer, selected by Getlink (formerly Eurotunnel) to equip 19 maintenance locomotives from 2020. It will integrate the Forsee Power Flex 7 batteries already proven in many Transport projects (buses, industrial vehicles, boats), composed of NMC type lithium-ion technologies combining energy and power. The goal is to replace the current diesel locomotives with a 100% electric solution.

With the recent signing of their partnership last September, Socofer and Forsee Power expand the scope of possibilities by projecting on very promising rail projects. This new opportunity will make it possible to offer Getlink innovative rolling stock, in order to get rid of catenaries during the phases of traction and work on rail infrastructure, while avoiding the use of diesel groups.


Guiding records under the Channel

The Channel Tunnel is the longest underwater railway construction in the world, accumulating record operating

Channel Tunnel is the longest underwater railway construction in the world, accumulating operating records. An average of 350 trains run there every day, one passage every 3 minutes at rush hour. Truck shuttles carry up to 32 trucks weighing 44 tonnes, some weighing up to 2,500 tonnes. Passenger shuttles carry up to 120 cars and 12 coaches. These 800-meter trains run at 140 km / h; 160 km / h for Eurostar.

Thus, the mission of Socofer and Forsee Power meets a precise specification, on three rolling equipment in charge of the maintenance of terrestrial and submarine infrastructures: the cleaning trains, the catenary trains and the PRD trains – for the maintenance of the pressure relief duct.


Satisfy the requirements of the “all-electric”

In order to carry out this equipment alongside Socofer’s expertise, Forsee Power has deployed its Flex range, which is the most suitable battery for this daily maintenance request. Equipped with a high density of energy and power, these systems allow to perform opportunity refills several times a day (50% in 15 minutes) and thus optimize the energy on board. The batteries will be produced on the new Forsee Power Poitiers industrial site, France.

“It is the French excellence that we make available to Getlink, in partnership with Socofer, a flagship of the French industry. Our Flex 7 model seemed entirely appropriate to this demand with a high added value indicated to operate the technology under the Channel. This solution provides real comfort to maintenance agents by eliminating pollution, very uncomfortable when working in confined spaces such as tunnels, and allows to respond favorably to the autonomy requirements defined by Getlink “ensures Sébastien Rembauville, Director of the Smart Division Transport from Forsee Power.


About Forsee Power

Forsee Power is an industrial Group specializing in smart battery systems for electric transport (road, rail, marine) as well as portable and mobile equipment (scooter, medtech, robotics).

As a major commercial and industrial player in Europe, China and North America, the Group designs, assembles and supplies energy management systems based on the most robust cells on the market, as well as provides installation, commissioning and on-site or remote maintenance. With its modular solutions, Forsee Power guarantees that customers buying its batteries enjoy security, energy efficiency, thermal management, long-term reliability and long working life.

The Group also offers financing solutions (battery rental) through its participation in NEoT Capital and second life solutions for transport batteries.


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