The must-have for 48V hybrid vehicles

Less pollutant emissions, lower fuel consumption, cost optimization with a single format for a wide range of vehicles, improved performance: the LTO PULSE 0.5 lithium-ion module is the battery you need if you want to electrify your fleets of 48V light industrial vehicles: agricultural, forestry, mining, construction…

Forsee Power’s ultra-high-power PULSE 0.5 battery meets the technical challenges of energy recovery and backup power for the electric motor during operation.


Ultra-compact 18-liter format for easy integration into a variety of vehicles

Discover our Forsee PULSE 0.5 solution, an ultra-compact, ultra-powerful battery designed to meet the requirements of off-highway vehicle manufacturers. Whatever the type of off-highway vehicle (agricultural, industrial, forestry, mining, forklift, excavator, etc.), the PULSE 0.5 battery is ideal. With its 18-liter capacity, it fits into any vehicle.

Thanks to the use of lithium titanate oxide (LTO) cells, renowned for their long life and very high power characteristics, the PULSE 0.5 battery is perfectly suited to hybrid applications. Enhance your vehicle’s performance with Forsee Power’s PULSE 0.5 high-power battery solution.

Vehicle manufacturers! This PULSE 0.5 battery not only equips several categories of vehicles in your range, but also enables you to control the integration process, reduce vehicle assembly time and become an expert in energy savings?

An ultra-powerful battery to boost the electric motor

Thanks to the high-power PULSE 0.5 battery integrated in 48 V hybrid vehicles, benefit from extra torque and power thanks to ultra-high-power cells delivering up to 8.6 kW in peak 10 seconds.

Looking for the ultimate in power? Our battery can maintain a continuous current of 110 A in discharge and charge, i.e. over 4.7 kW in a very compact footprint.

What’s more, thanks to its active air cooling, the PULSE 0.5 maintains this performance down to 50°C. There’s no need to install a costly liquid cooling system – there’s no power limit!

It stores kinetic energy when the vehicle brakes or descends a gradient, increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

What’s more, the PULSE 0.5 supplies energy to the vehicle’s electrical systems, extending engine life and reducing operating costs.

Enjoy a more powerful, more efficient hybrid vehicle!

Unsurpassed service life of 100,000 cycles

Controlled vibrations and shocks

The PULSE 0.5 battery is the ultimate long-life solution. With a capacity of 100,000 cycles at a continuous current of 50 A in charge and discharge, and a temperature of 45°C, it offers unrivalled durability.

It is by far the best battery in its class on the market.

Our PULSE 0.5 battery is designed for harsh environments. Its robustness and mechanical design ensure optimum reliability and safety. You can be sure that it will tolerate the frequent shocks and vibrations of off-road vehicles, even in the most hostile terrain, without compromising performance or service life.

With PULSE 0.5, you benefit from a durable, reliable battery for any outdoor application subject to dust or water!

TechnologyLithium-ion LTO
Energy432 Wh
Power density235 W/kg
Thermal managementconvection naturelle
Protection classIP 67
Dimensions 298 x 147 x 150 mm
Weight19.2 kg