1 format for 650 V and 800 V vehicles

ZEN PLUS consists of 5 new batteries ranging from 74 kWh to 84 kWh, all in a single format. Modular, ZEN PLUS on-board batteries are a reliable source of energy that’s always available for electrifying heavy-duty vehicles.

This ZEN PLUS battery pack isn’t just a modular battery, it’s the battery you need if you want to electrify your fleet of 100% electric buses or trucks.

Range boosted by ultra-high energy density batteries

180 Wh/kg! Made up of 28 to 32 VDA lithium-ion NMC modules, ZEN PLUS batteries offer excellent energy density, enabling electric vehicles to operate autonomously for a full day, while optimising available space.

Whether on the roof, in the rear or in the chassis, ZEN PLUS batteries can be integrated into any vehicle space. The VDA lithium-ion NMC modules installed in ZEN PLUS high-energy batteries deliver high performance for intensive daily use on 100% electric buses and trucks.



Adjustable voltages for integration in all heavy-duty electric vehicles, from 650V to 800V

Ultra-optimized life cycle thanks to efficient liquid thermal management

Heavy goods vehicle engines are making a slow transition from 650 V to 800 V. In response to this development, ZEN PLUS enables the voltage and energy to be perfectly matched to the vehicle’s needs.

The battery pack supports the transition to 800 V engines with the same battery format as for 650 V engines. With the same power, 800 V engines reduce the battery’s charging and discharging currents, thereby increasing its cycle life. 

With 5,000 cycles, our ZEN PLUS battery system offers excellent service life for demanding applications.

Because we know that battery performance and cycle life can be enhanced by appropriate, high-quality thermal management, our mechanical and thermal engineers have designed an ultra-optimised cooling system to limit premature cell ageing and thus ensure the longest possible service life for the complete ZEN PLUS system.


Eco-designed batteries

Durable and more efficient, that’s what ZEN PLUS batteries are all about. At the heart of our R&D policy, eco-design includes the selection of sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials and innovative technologies to improve their performance and durability.

ZEN PLUS high-energy batteries are designed to be easily repairable, with a detachable electronic block on the front panel. At the end of their first life, they can be used in stationary energy storage systems for many years to come.

TechnologyLithium NMCLithium NMCLithium NMCLithium NMCLithium NMC
Voltage627 V649 V671 V694 V716 V
Energy74 kWh77 kWh79.2 kWh82 kWh84.5 kWh
Energy density225 Wh/L232 Wh/L240 Wh/L249 Wh/L256 Wh/L
Thermal managementliquidliquidliquidliquidliquid
Protection classIP xxIP xxIP xxIP xxIP xx
Dimensions1 700 x 705 x 275 mm1 700 x 705 x 275 mm1 700 x 705 x 275 mm1 700 x 705 x 275 mm1 700 x 705 x 275 mm
Weight420 kg433 kg446 kg459 kg470 kg