1 format for 350 V and 600/800 V vehicles

The ZEN LITE battery system has been developed by Forsee Power’s R&D engineers to meet the specific needs of heavy-duty 350 V electric vehicles, for which the battery market is growing rapidly.

Forsee Power’s new ZEN LITE ultra-high energy density battery system is available in two pack options of 47 kWh and 54 kWh in a single format.

A compact electrification solution with excellent energy density

Its compact size and exceptional volumetric density of 259 Wh/L make it the ideal battery solution for 350 V powertrain vehicles such as light and medium-duty electric trucks, short buses and off-highway vehicles. Moreover, with the option of connecting two packs in series, ZEN LITE is also a highly suitable solution for heavy-duty 650 V and 800 V vehicles where space is at a premium.

Using the same electrical and mechanical platform as ZEN PLUS, the ZEN LITE system incorporates the latest, higher-power NMC cell technology, enabling flexible charging: slow to allow a whole day’s operation, or fast to charge 50% in less than 20 minutes.

This opportunity charging solution is particularly well suited to companies whose fleets make rounds with limited break time at the depot.

Ecodesign and safety at the heart of Forsee Power’s R&D policy

Eco-design is at the heart of Forsee Power’s R&D policy. Not only do these new packs ensure a highly competitive cycle life, they are also designed to be easily repairable (and to optimise vehicle availability), with a detachable electronic block on the front panel.

At the end of their first life, ZEN LITE batteries can be used in stationary energy storage systems for several more years.

Forsee Power’s engineers ensure the safety and reliability of the systems, taking into account the applications and conditions of use of the battery systems.

The safe and robust design of the ZEN LITE range complies with the functional safety standard for road vehicles ISO 26262 ASIL-C as well as many other strict road and industrial standards such as R100-3, R10-6, ISO 12405, SAE J2464, among others.

TechnologyLithium NMCLithium NMC
Voltage312 V358 V
Energy47 kWh54 kWh
Energy density226 Wh/L259 Wh/L
Thermal managementliquidliquid
Protection classIP 67IP 67
Dimensions1 080 x 705 x 275 mm1 080 x 705 x 275 mm