Quality and Laboratory Director


Zhongshan - China

Permanent full-time

16 May 2024


HR & Admin Supervisor – China
Contact e-mail: May.Liang@forseepower.com


Forsee Power is a French industrial group specializing in smart battery systems for the electric transport (buses, trucks, trains), portable and mobile equipment (scooters, medical equipment, robotics) and stationary energy storage markets. With operations in Europe, China, Asia and North America, the Group designs, assembles and supplies on-site or remote installation, commissioning and maintenance of its energy management systems, based on the most robust cells on the market.

Driven by a keen sense of innovation, customer satisfaction and operational excellence, our teams strive to develop solutions for every application that guarantee safety, reliability, durability and performance for a sustainable energy transition.

Become a player in sustainable electromobility!

Every day, we help our customers develop clean mobility solutions with our high-performance, sustainable battery systems.

Forsee Power is looking for dynamic, agile profiles to participate in its strong growth strategy, eager to share its culture of excellence and human values. As an international player, we offer an innovative and multicultural working environment to passionate teams.

Apply today and contribute your expertise!

Benefits :

  • RTT
  • Luncheon vouchers
  • Health insurance
  • 50% transport reimbursement
  • Profit-sharing



We are currently looking for a talented and passionate Quality and Laboratory Director to join our dynamic team.

In this role, you will be responsible for :

  • Define the site’s Quality policy and ensure its application by implementing the Group’s Quality policy, ensure all system/quality requirements are thoroughly executed within plant to achieve zero defect.
  • Define, analyze, and validate procedures and processes by customer requirements, regulations, and Group standards.
  • Oversee all internal/external and customer audits from preparation period to audit finding closing
  • Implement quality assurance for supplied components and activities with subcontractors.
  • Implement quality assurance in design, industrialization, and production following customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Build and maintain a good customer relationship in the field of Quality throughout the serial life of the programs.
  • Set up a multi-site (China, India, and the After-Market stations) Quality system, ensuring consistency between the different structures and departments by implementing an efficient reporting system based on simple KPIs.
  • Implement the program quality and design quality processes to improve the Program Management System.
  • Drive the ISO / IATF certification standards by supporting the different departments.
  • Implement product validation processes to ensure the Quality of products delivered to customers
  • Manage the quality team (direct and functional management)
  • Ensure the quality approach in response to our customer’s requirements
  • Guarantee the deployment of the general objectives resulting from the strategic axes determined by the management at the level of its process.
  • Contribute to the improvement of Quality management tools
  • Increase the Quality skills of the employees through coaching and possibly the implementation of specific training
  • Provide methodological support in problem-solving and process control
  • Implement a strategy for capitalizing on experience based on production and After-Market activities.
  • Lead and managed the laboratories activities
  • Other tasks assigned by superiors.

You will have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team contributing to innovation for a better impact and securing our energy future.



  • Bachelor degree, better in Mechatronic Engineering or electronic
  • Proven experience in quality control and quality assurance
  • Experience to manage electronic testing or battery testing laboratory
  • Ability to synthesize
  • Team management
  • Leadership and ability to influence
  • Rigor
  • Reactivity and proactivity
  • Good communication skill and problem-solving ability
  • Fluent in English
  • Familiar with the ISO 9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949.


1. A stimulating work environment: You’ll join a talented and diverse team that values collaboration, innovation and excellence. At Forsee Power, we encourage creativity and initiative.

2. Professional development opportunities: We invest in the development of our employees by offering ongoing training programs, internal mobility opportunities and exciting projects that will enable you to develop your skills.

3. Impact on the world: By joining Forsee Power, you will contribute to the transition towards cleaner, more sustainable mobility, as well as to the improvement of energy performance in various industrial sectors.

4. Work-life balance: We believe in the importance of balance and well-being. At Forsee Power, we offer flexible working hours, attractive benefits and opportunities for personal development.

Are you ready to take up the challenge and become part of a Group that is leading the energy revolution? Join us in shaping the future of electric mobility and clean energy.

Quality and Laboratory Director


人力资源与行政主管 – 中国
联系邮箱 May.Liang@forseepower.com

关于 Forsee Power

Forsee Power 是一家法国工业集团,专门为电动交通工具(公共汽车、卡车、火车)、便携式移动设备(滑板车、医疗设备、机器人)和固定储能市场提供智能电池系统。集团在欧洲、中国、亚洲和北美都有业务,以市场上最耐用的电池为基础,设计、组装并提供现场或远程安装、调试和维护能源管理系统。




Forsee Power 渴求充满活力、思维敏捷的人才参与其强劲的发展战略,并渴望分享其卓越文化和人文价值。作为一家国际化公司,我们为充满激情的团队提供创新和多元文化的工作环境。



  • RTT
  • 午餐券
  • 医疗保险
  • 50% 交通费报销
  • 利润分享





  • 明确现场的质量政策,并通过实施集团的质量政策来确保其应用,确保所有的系统/质量要求在工厂内得到彻底的执行,以达到零缺陷。
  • 根据客户需求、法规和集团标准来定义、分析和验证程序和流程
  • 监督从准备期到审核结束的所有内部/外部和客户审核
  • 与供应商一起实施所提供的零部件和项目的质量保证
  • 实施符合客户和法规要求的设计、工业化生产的质量保证
  • 进行项目的过程中,在质量领域里建立和保持良好的客户关系
  • 建立跨境(中国、印度和售后服务站)质量体系,通过实施基于简单KPI的高效报告体系,确保不同架构和部门之间的一致性
  • 实施项目质量和设计质量流程,完善项目管理体系
  • 通过支持不同的部门来推动ISO / IATF认证标准
  • 实施产品验证流程,确保产品向客户交付的质量
  • 管理质量团队(直接和职能管理)
  • 确保质量方法符合客户的要求
  • 保证由管理层在其过程层面上确定的战略轴所产生的一般目标的部署。
  • 帮助改进质量管理工具
  • 通过培训和可实施的培训来提高员工的质量技能
  • 在解决问题和过程控制方面提供方法支持
  • 实施一个基于利用生产和售后市场活动的经验战略
  • 领导和管理实验室的活动
  • 由上级下达的其他任务




  • 本科以上,机电工程或电子专业优先
  • 有丰富的质量控制和质量保证的经验
  • 有电子测试或电池测试实验室的管理经验
  • 综合能力
  • 团队管理
  • 领导力和影响力
  • 严谨
  • 积极主动,快速反应
  • 具有良好的沟通能力和解决问题的能力
  • 英文口语流利
  • 熟悉ISO 9001, ISO14001, IATF 16949.

👩👨‍🦱 们提供的服务

1. 令人振奋的工作环境: 您将加入一个才华横溢的多元化团队,这个团队重视合作、创新和卓越。在Forsee Power,我们鼓励创造力和主动性。

2. 职业发展机会: 我们为员工的发展投资,提供持续的培训计划、内部流动机会和令人兴奋的项目,使您能够发展自己的技能。

3. 影响世界: 加入 Forsee Power,您将为向更清洁、更可持续的交通方式转变,以及提高各工业部门的能源绩效做出贡献。

4. 工作与生活的平衡: 我们相信平衡和幸福的重要性。在 Forsee Power,我们提供灵活的工作时间、有吸引力的福利和个人发展机会。


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