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Fast charging high-power battery module for all-electric and hybrid heavy vehicles




Integrated to our high-power PULSE range, the extra slim Forsee Power PULSE 2.5 is a fast-charging battery module for all-electric and hybrid heavy vehicles.

Its optimal flat design allows it to fit easily into any space of electric vehicles, even the smallest: floor, roof, and rear.

Developed to last up to 15 years and to meet all energy and power needs, the 2.5 kWh module can be connected in series and in parallel, thus increasing the energy and/or the power on board.

Our PULSE 2.5 battery is DNV-GL certified to address the marine markets.

Scalable battery pack

Modules of 2,65 kWh connected both in series and parallel

Optimal flat design

Allows easy integration in all spaces

Fast charge

High power capabilities: 9C peak 10 secondes

Liquid thermal management

Optimises the battery cycle life

Forsee Power equips Wrightbus for hydrogen StreetDeck buses

In 2016, Forsee Power and Wrightbus broadened their cooperation in the field of hydrogen buses, for which Forsee Power has developed the high-power Pulse technology. The success of this cooperation enabled Wrightbus to win the JIVE (Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe) call for tenders, and to register nearly 100 orders for hydrogen buses in major cities such as Aberdeen, London, or Liverpool.

The extra-slim format of Forsee Power’s PULSE 2.5 modules combined with their very high power frees up the space necessary for the integration of fuel cells, especially in the double-decker Streetdeck buses that cannot integrate batteries in roofing while their consumption is higher than single-decker buses. The Streedeck H2 Buses thus reach a range of 320 km.

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