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Fast charging high-power battery pack for all-electric and hybrid heavy vehicles




Electric propulsion or propulsion by hydrogen or diesel-hybrid: it’s a challenge that Forsee Power is taking up with its high-power PULSE 15 battery pack.  Integrated to our high-power range, the  PULSE 15 is a fast-charging battery pack for all-electric and hybrid heavy vehicles.

The mechanical design of the PULSE 15 has been optimized for bus’roof and back integration.

Developed to last up to 15 years and to meet all energy and power needs, the 14.6 kWh module can be connected in parallel, increasing the power on board.

Scalable modular system

14.6 kWh packs connected in parallel

Fast charge

High-power capabilities:9C peack 10s

Liquid thermal management

Optimises the battery system cycle life

Optimal mechanical design

For bus' roof & back integration

We equip CaetanoBus with our PULSE 15 battery system

Forsee Power develops state-of-the-art technologies that answer all the needs and constraints imposed by the electric bus market: autonomy, power, life cycles, and safety. That’s why, one of our main partner, CaetanoBus, has selected Forsee Power to equip its H2.City Gold hydrogen propulsion with the high-power PULSE 15 batteries.

Batteries are installed on the roof and associated with 5 hydrogen tanks. Thus, the H2.City Gold can travel up to 400 km in zero-emission mode with the combination of Forsee Power battery systems and fuel cells.


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