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Fast charging system for light hybrid vehicles




Co-designed with a leading drivetrain and machinery manufacturer and integrated to our PULSE range, the high-power PULSE 0.5  is a battery module for off-highway 48V hybrid systems (agricultural, industrial, forestry, mining, forklift, excavator, etc.).

Off-highway vehicles, used intensively all day on construction sites, need to be operational very quickly, just like electric buses. With our expertise as a leader in the bus market, our teams have developed PULSE 0.5 to be a modular, ultra-compact, and very powerful battery suitable for off-road vehicles. It allows ultra-long cycle life of more than 100,000 cycles.

This battery offers both energy recuperation and electric motor boost during operations. Ideally suited for 48 V mild hybrid systems, PULSE 0.5 has an outstanding power capacity of up to 20 kW to support the electric motor when high torque is needed.

It is very easy to integrate, and its performance remains equal whatever the weather: PULSE 0.5 is operational at low temperatures down to -20°C and is designed for water and air tightness (IP 67).

Suitable for 48V mild-hybrid systems

Outstanding power capacity of up to 20 kW to support the electric motor

Ultra compact

Allow easy integration in all spaces

Exceptional lifetime of 100,000 cycles

5C, 45°C, 30% DOD, which combined with fuel consumption savings allows end users to significantly reduce costs

PULSE 0.5 battery module will equip Kubota micro hybrid engines for light off-highway vehicles

Forsee Power Group was selected by Kubota, the Japanese OEM, as our partner for the battery development to equip their 48V Micro-Hybrid Engine for light construction and agriculture vehicles.

After a year of research and development, Forsee Power engineers developed a new high-power Forsee PULSE 0.5 solution integrating lithium titanate oxide (LTO) cells known for their long lifespan and very high-power characteristics, ideal for the hybrid applications.

Our PULSE 0.5 battery module has been designed to comply with the ambitious Kubota’s specifications, which include battery installations in various types of vehicles of the customers, such as machinery for construction, agriculture, material handling.

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