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High-power & autonomy battery pack for robotics applications


Portable battery




Forsee Power has declined its 48V portable battery in two standard versions: Go 1.6 Energy and Go 1.6 Power.

The Go 1.6 Power battery pack can easily be integrated into most light electric vehicles or robotic applications because they integrate a CAN 2.0 a serial communication protocol that supports real-time systems with a high level of reliability.

The Power version has been developed for recurring requests from manufacturers who want their urban vehicle to reach more than 50 km/h. Like the Energy version, the Go 1.6 Power battery pack is also suitable for robotic applications but heavier.

Great flexibility

Up to 3 batteries in parallel (with the Forsee Power Switching box)

Easily swappable & portable

Top handle and rack connector at the bottom of the battery pack

High reliability & safety

BMS with passive balancing and precharge function and robust aluminum casing

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