Forsee Pulse

Pulse 15

high-POWER battery PACK

Fast-charge system for all electric and hybrid transport

Transport is going all-electric, pushing the boundaries of battery systems’ power. Based on LTO prismatic cells, Forsee Power teams have specifically developed the new Pulse 15 lithium-ion battery system to provide high power for fast charge.

  • System specifications
  • Features & benefits

Li-ion battery system with unique power density

+ Power density: 488 W/kgh at pack level

+ High-power capability: 9 C peak, 5 C for 5 min

+ Scalable: modular system based on 15 kWh packs connected in parallel

+ Liquid thermal management

+ Best-in-class BMS technology

+ Robust and long-life span: up to 15 years

+ Homogeneous performance in all climate conditions

+ Compliant with automotive safety standards

+ Great safety and reliability

+ Optimized weight and volume for high vehicle’s capacity

+ Designed to be easily integrated in various vehicles and geometries