Forsee Zen

Zen 4

high-energy battery systems

High autonomy for all-day operations

Public transport is going all-electric, pushing the boundaries of battery systems’ autonomy. The Forsee Power teams have speci cally designed and developed the Zen 4 lithium-ion battery systems to provide energy for a complete day of operations, meeting minimum weight.

Based on NMC pouch cells, Zen 4 is easy to integrate, reliable and economical.

  • System specifications
  • Features & benefits

Li-ion battery systems with unique energy density

+ Unique energy density; 140 Wh/kg - 220 Wh/L

+ Modular system based on 4 kWh modules

+ Best-in-class proprietary BMS technology

+ Comply with automotive safety standards

+ Full-day autonomy without recharge

+ Easy integration

+ Light weight for high passenger capacity

+ Attractive Total Cost of Ownership / kWh

+ Safety & reliability