Forsee Power displays its smart battery systems at UITP Summit in Stockholm (booth #2092)

Forsee Power, the French expert in smart battery systems for the transport market, will display its wide range of solutions at UITP Summit in Stockholm from 10 to 12 June 2019.

Committed to providing the right mix of power and energy, Forsee Power has developed 3 core technologies: Forsee Pulse - High Power Batteries, Forsee Flex - Power & Power Batteries, and Forsee Zen - High Energy Batteries.


Modular lithium-ion technologies to answer all citie’s challenges


The Pulse range (Pulse 2.5 and Pulse 15)

The Pulse range - power range - developed by Forsee Power offers electric buses, hybrids or hydrogen fast charging possibilities (3-5 min, 15-25 times per day) at very high power.

The new Pulse 15 battery, designed from 15 kWh modules with high power density that can be connected in series, integrates a management system (BMS) and a thermal liquid cooling management .


The Flex range (Flex 7)

Equipped with a good balance of energy and power, Flex battery systems allow opportunity recharging several times a day (50% recharge in 15 minutes up to 20 times a day), and optimize embedded energy.


The Zen range (Zen 4 and Zen 35)

The Zen solution allows embed a maximum of energy (300-500 kWh per vehicle) while minimizing the weight. It offers a total autonomy of 300 km with a single daily charge. Integrated within the Zen range, the Zen 35 system includes battery packs of 35 kWh each, including its management system (BMS).


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