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Forsee Power joins the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC)

Paris, April 26, 2022 – 5:45 pm CEST – Forsee Power – (FR0014005SB3 – FORSE), the expert in smart battery systems, joins the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) founded by Honda Motor, KTM F&E, Piaggio Group and Yamaha Motor to promote the widespread use of motorcycles and light electric vehicles and encourage a more sustainable management of the battery life cycle. Forsee Power now, member of this Consortium actively participates in the various committees for the definition of the future standard battery.

A consortium gathering world leaders to reduce CO2 emission in the transport sector
While the worldwide electrification effort to reduce CO2 on a global scale is accelerating, the Motorcycle Industry’s intention is to expand the usage of electric motorcycles. To disseminate them, several challenges are to be addressed, such as range extension, shorter charging time, and lowering vehicle and infrastructural costs.

The SBMC was initiated by global leaders Honda Motor, KTM F&E, Piaggio Group and Yamaha Motor who united to accelerate the deployment of electric motorcycles and L-Vehicles. The consortium’s ambition is to foster the industry-wide standardization of swappable batteries and swapping systems, infrastructure for such batteries for common use, and ensure that motorcycles and L-Vehicles maintain their role in future mobility.
The SBMC aims to:
1. Develop common technical specifications of “battery systems”
2. Test and confirm common usage of swapping systems
3. Make and promote the Consortium’s common specifications as standards within European and International standardization bodies (de jure standards)
4. Expand the use of the Consortium’s common specifications at global level (de facto standard)


Forsee Power: a European leader equipping more than 100,000 major players’ light electric vehicles
Forsee Power contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of urban transport and has already equipped more than 100,000 vehicles across the globe from 2 to 4 wheelers. The Group has a complete range of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) batteries, whether portable or onboard and supports its customers with both standard and custom-made batteries to meet their specific needs.

In addition to the development of high-end lithium-ion battery systems, including proprietary Battery Management Systems (BMS), Forsee Power has developed the FORSEE SmartTool to allow the diagnosis of LEV fleet along to the FORSEE Switching Box that allows to connect up to 3 batteries together.

Thus, the Group brings to SBMC a very strong expertise in smart battery systems and their standards, whether it is in Europe or in Asia.

The Group has been present in China, equipping Asian and European leaders with high-end lithium-ion battery systems for more than 10 years. More recently, Forsee Power has established in Pune, India to serve the local market – the world’s largest for LEV – while the country has launched its FAME2 program to support the development of electromobility.

We are very proud to join world leaders to the SBMC. Our working groups have started since several weeks and we can bring now to the consortium more than 10 years of Forsee Power’s experience in delivering batteries for 2-3-4 e-wheelers worldwide. This consortium is also a great opportunity to promote e-mobility for all, thanks to this future standard, well designed and safe battery” explains Frederik Baudrier, Director of the LEV business unit at Forsee Power.