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Iochpe-Maxion and Forsee Power announce a partnership to offer zero-emission integrated solutions for electrification of commercial vehicles

Paris, April 6, 2023 – 7:30 am CEST – Maxion Structural Components, a business division of Iochpe-Maxion (MYPK3) and one of the largest producers of automotive structural components in the Americas, and Forsee Power (FR0014005SB3 – FORSE), a European leader specializing in smart battery systems for sustainable transportation, are pleased to announce a partnership to offer the integration of battery systems for electric vehicles, especially on the chassis of trucks, buses and off-road vehicles.


An integrated solution to accelerate vehicle electrification in the Americas and beyond

One of the key challenges to vehicle electrification is the integration of the electric powertrain and battery systems to the chassis without altering passenger or goods capacity. The goal of the partnership between Maxion and Forsee Power is to offer a complete solution which allows customers to obtain the best battery system integration layout, to maximize the use of the available volume, while optimizing the total weight, and without compromising the payload and power, to achieve the required autonomy.

The partnership covers the major world commercial vehicle markets, with ongoing studies mainly in the Americas.


Combining expertise of two leaders on the commercial vehicles market

The combination of the two companies’ skills will make it possible to offer a unique solution, with the differential of integrating high quality battery systems, packed in vehicle chassis, with greater storage capacity, greater durability, and reliability.

On the one hand, Maxion brings its vast experience in the automotive industry and its high-scale production capabilities, including for chassis and structural components. In addition to the experience in producing components, the company has a team focused on mobility research and development and invests in promoting and developing solutions for electric vehicles. Currently, it has portfolios that adopt the use of alternative materials, and it offers weight reduction solutions to meet the new demands of the electrification market.

Maxion has focused on developing solutions which provide its customers with the opportunity to increase their market share in the mobility and electrification segments towards decarbonization. This partnership will allow us to offer our customers a complete solution for electric motor vehicles, particularly in the commercial segment, combining our knowledge and experience with Forsee Power’s technology”, says Marcos de Oliveira, CEO of Iochpe-Maxion.

On the other hand, Forsee Power will bring its extensive battery expertise and advanced energy storage technologies to the partnership. The Group specializes in lithium-ion battery systems and offer a very wide range of formats and technologies enabling fast charging, overnight charging as well as power for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. With a strong ecodesign approach, Forsee Power zero emission solutions are developed to ensure long life cycle while offering highest environment and safety standards.

Forsee Power is the number 1 supplier for buses outside of China with about 2,000 buses already equipped and is a key supplier for off-highway vehicles, trucks, and trains as well as light electric vehicles on all continents.

We are very excited about this partnership with such a leader like Maxion. We believe that the union of our two leading companies will result in a unique and innovative solution for the decarbonation of transport. Not only it will optimize and accelerate our battery systems integration into chassis offering better performance to vehicle manufacturers, but the partnership will also accelerate Forsee Power’s penetration of the American commercial vehicle market”, says Christophe Gurtner, Chairman and CEO of Forsee Power.

The collaboration between the two companies strengthens Iochpe-Maxion’s electrification strategy and reinforces its commitment to providing sustainable and innovative solutions to its customers.

The two companies are committed to providing clean, reliable, high-quality energy options to OEMs.

This complete solution for integrating battery systems, chassis and other vehicle structural parts also allows customers to convert their combustion vehicle fleets to electric, creating an opportunity to meet ESG goals in the short term.