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Plug & play battery pack for your everyday life autonomous applications




Robotics, professional tooling, and medical devices are becoming increasingly energy-autonomous and intelligent.

Developed in 2021 by our Industrial Tech teams in response to growing demand from healthcare professionals and patients
for autonomous portable battery-powered medical devices, the LIFE 50 is evolving to provide longer battery life for portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and syringe-pushers, for which the market is constantly growing due to ageing populations.

Thanks to its premium NMC 18650 cells, the 14.4V lithium-ion LIFE 50 battery pack offers an optimized lifetime and complies with all standards required by those strategic markets. LIFE 50, named so for its 49 Wh of energy, has been designed to guarantee high compactness for easier integration into devices.

High compactness

77 x 85 x 23 mm

Plug & play

SMBus & SBS v1.1 compliant

Long cycle life

Up to 500 cycles (IEC 60601-3)

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