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“Developing international communication media in the context of strong Group growth is appealing”


What is your role at Forsee Power?

A lot of people see it as very abstract, I’m actually very much in demand! The best way to sum it up is to say that I translate the company’s strategic messages into visual form, which could be video, computer graphics, marketing support, or a number of other media. The truth is that people absorb images faster and more easily than words.


Which level of the company do you work at?

Well, I’m based in Paris, but I work at Group level - which includes France, Poland and China, where our headquarters and production facilities are located - and around the world, because our customers are international. My central focus is on developing resources for external, internal and marketing communication. Naturally, we work in English, but we adapt our communication media to all the countries we operate in.


Why did you choose to join Forsee Power?

I came to Forsee Power as an intern, and I found the challenge of developing international communication media appealing in the context of strong Group growth. In addition to my graphic design skills, I think that my foreign nationality - I come from Costa Rica - gave me a bit of an edge when I was recruited, because it brought a more international dimension to the work we do.