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“My biggest challenge is undoubtedly helping my employees to gain new skills”


How would you describe your typical day?

Flat out from 7:30 in the morning! After inspecting the production line and reviewing the previous night's events, I gather the morning team together to let them know the targets for the day. The rest of my day is taken up with supervising the production schedule and the training operators.


How is your team structured and what is your production pattern?

I work alongside approximately thirty operators who work in 3 teams, each working an 8-hour shift for round-the-clock production. This production pattern means we can deliver to our customers as quickly as possible, which is very important when orders for electric vehicles are accelerating fast as the market approaches maturity.


What would you say is your most motivating challenge?

My biggest challenge is undoubtedly upskilling my employees through the mandatory training required for electrical and other accreditations, but also through hands-on training in the workplace in direct contact with products. Training benefits people in two ways: by recognising the efforts made by individuals, and boosting people’s confidence in the work they do.