Smart transport


Modular lithium-ion technologies to answer all cities' challenges


Driven by the rise of the electrification of public transport, Forsee Power has for several years developed a range of intelligent modular battery systems based on lithium-ion technology and now has the widest range of batteries.

We have developed 3 core technologies to suit any of your requirements. They are Forsee Pulse high-power batteries, Forsee Flex energy & power batteries, and Forsee Zen high-energy batteries.

These innovative products enable manufacturers to offer 4 major offers of zero-emission clean transport solutions (100% electric or hybrid hydrogen), allowing local authorities and transport operators to cover most their energy and power needs.  




You need financing solutions to accelerate your electrification project?

Forsee Power and its partners have created NEoT Capital, the first ever international company dedicated to funding electric mobility. Our customers can now benefit from battery rental along with operations and maintenance, warranties and management of the second and end of life of the batteries.

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