Smart transport


Robust and safe battery systems to ensure zero-emission on-board energy

Partnering with our clients to reduce emissions in ports or to the sea, and to ensure reliable on-board energy storage, we market high power battery systems for navy and even for super-yachts to enter or exit harbors. We also support energy needs for ships, ferries, tugboats, or workboats. Available on the market for the past four years, our technology is extremely safe, reliable, and durable, and has proven experience in marine applications.


More recently, Forsee Power has embarked on a world tour on board the Energy Observer – the first ever self-sufficient electric catamaran. Our battery system is coupled with an energy system developed by the CEA Liten research institute. The system can store the energy produced by the solar panels on the boat, and is combined with electricity generated by a fuel cell used to propel the vessel forward and supply the auxiliary systems.