Be a game changer
in the clean
transport revolution

Encouraged by regulations supporting the energy transition, electromobility in most of worldwide cities is booming. Manufacturers, operators or system integrators are offering an increasingly wide range of zero-emission vehicles and ships.

Having anticipated the growth in demand and the diversity in the technology core needs, Forsee Power offers the most complete range of advanced lithium-ion battery systems for transport applications. We are already supporting major manufacturers in Europe and North America.

Our innovative lithium-ion solutions, developed by our teams – made of experts in systems, testing, electronics, mechanical and thermal engineering – work to satisfy the equation of power, autonomy, lifespan, safety and reliability for various means of transport.

Whether you want to allow 300 km autonomy for a city bus, reduce emissions for a passenger train, or enable zero-emission maneuver with your tugboat, we have an answer for your needs.