Smart life


Improving patients' comfort with reliable, safe and long-lasting energy


Supported by practitioners seeking freedom, companies specializing in the design of medical devices are striving to offer a range of autonomous devices equipped with lithium-ion batteries. At Forsee Power, we are focusing on the medical sector by improving and enhancing our battery solutions, while guaranteeing safety, security and reliability. We offer a wide range of solutions to power several applications, such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, injections pumps, EMR.

We supply portable medical manufacturers with lightweight battery systems and long-life battery system for the comfort of patients. Our clients are well-known worldwide manufacturers who are looking for the longest battery life to power their devices and aiming to help patients feel comfortable when walking around with equipment.

As we did for light mobility market, Forsee Power develops standardized battery solutions as well as customer-made ones.


Standardized solutions

Medical and wellness devices are becoming increasingly energy-autonomous and intelligent. Thanks to its premium NMC 18650 cells, the Life standardized battery packs offer an optimized lifetime and complies with all the standards required by those strategic markets.


Customer-made solutions

Power solutions for specific applications can be developed by our engineers’ teams through the adjustment of three main battery components to your exact needs. Including the cells type, the mechanical and electronical specifications to best suit your battery performance requirements.