Smart life

Light Mobility

Solving a wide array of power challenges for light mobility applications


Forsee Power develops lithium-ion battery packs – portable and embedded batteries – for light mobility applications, from 1 to 4 wheels. Over the past years, we have become a world reference for electric scooters: from individual urban scooter to local authority’s fleets, as well as deliveries and sharing vehicles. 

Forsee Power's clients are worldwide actors, looking for the longest battery life to power their devices and aiming to help drivers feel autonomous and connected when using their equipment.


Standardized solutions

Designed to power both individual urban scooters and delivery fleets, the GO range has been developed by our Forsee Power project team. The 24 and 48-V batteries have been channelled into the "standard" range to meet recurrent customer demands for these voltage and energy specifications.


Customer-made solutions

Our teams develop unique lithium-ion technology solutions for our customers around the world, focusing on the vehicle's use and its unique design, including the cells type, the mechanical, thermal and electronical specifications to best suit each battery performance requirements.