Forsee Pulse

Pulse 2.5

high-power battery module

Fast-charge system for all electric and hybrid transport

Zero emission target for marine is pushing the boundaries of battery systems’ autonomy and power. The Forsee Power teams have speci cally designed and developed the Pulse 2.5 lithium-ion battery systems to provide high power for fast or opportunity charging.

Based on LTO cells, Pulse 2.5 is easy to integrate, reliable and economical.

  • System specifications
  • Features & benefits

Li-ion battery systems with high-power density and long working life

+ High-power density > 511 W/kg, up to 9 C peak

+ Long life time: up to 15 years

+ Liquid thermal management

+ Scalable system based on 2.5 kWh modules

+ Best-in-class BMS technology

+ Robust and long-life span: up to 15 years

+ Homogeneous performance in all climate conditions

+ Compliant with automotive safety standards

+ Great safety and reliability

+ Optimized weight and volume for high vehicle’s capacity

+ Designed to be easily integrated in various vehicles and geometries