Forsee Life

Life 92

Li-ion NMC battery SYSTEM

Plug and play for your everyday life autonomous applications

Robotics, professionnal tooling and medical devices are becoming increasingly energy-autonomous and intelligent. Thanks to its premium NMC 18650 cells, the 14.8 V lithium-ion Life 92 battery pack offers an optimized lifetime and complies with all the standards required by those strategic markets.

  • System specifications
  • Features & benefits

Li-ion battery pack with high performance-price ratio

+ Standardized battery of 3200 mAh, 14.8 V

+ 1.5C discharge rate

+ Field-proven BMS technology

+ Long life: up to 700 cycles (IEC 61690)

+ EU & US certifications

A battery pack is composed of:

+ 8 premium cells (4S2P)

+ Battery Management System (BMS)

+ UL V-0 plastic casing

+ Easy integration thanks to high compactness

+ Efficient impedance tracking and cells balancing

+ Great discharge capabilities at 1.5 C

+ Advanced communications level protocols: System Management Bus Specification (SMBus) & Smart Battery System (SBS) v1.1 compliant